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Monday, 03 May 2010

Black Magic F1Q Timer


Overview March 2006


There is version of the Black Magic 3 servo timer specifically intended for F1Q. One of the 3 servos must be an electric motor controller, optional with BEC capability.  This ‘servo’ is controlled by the timer to start and stop the motor In addition if the motor controller has BEC {Battery Elimination Circuit} capability then the propulsion battery can be used to power the timer. What makes this timer different from the regular F1B/C 3 servo timer is the ability to take advantage of the BEC capability. Note that if this is not required and a separate battery can be used for the timer, then it may be possible to use a regular 2 or 3 servo timer. Connect the motor controller to servo 2 position.


Other than the above the F1Q requirements are satisfied by the existing Black magic capabilities. The functioning of the motor management is as follows.


The start setting of the motor controller is set so the motor is stopped.

The armed setting starts the motor and the motor stop will return the motor to a stopped position.


The sportsman prepares his model. When ready to fly he turns the timer on.

The timer beeps out the d/t time, a standard Magic Timers capability.

The sportsman holds the model in a launch attitude.

The sportsman presses and holds the start button. The motor will start.  The timer start button is configured so it must be held for .3 of a second before the start is signaled and the motor controller may require the motor to be turned on for a pre-determined time before the motor actually starts. The motor controller may put the motor through a slow start sequence.

When the motor is at operating speed the sportsman releases the model.

The action of lifting the hand from the timer start button caused the timer timing sequence to be initiated.


The motor is then stopped at the pre-determined time and the flight continues in glide mode. At the end of the flight the model will D/T. After D/T the timer is put in sleep mode. In this state the power switch as to be cycled or the reset button pressed before the timer can be armed again and the motor started.  The method of doing this is not obvious to the casual observer and can be further protected by hiding these controls behind a hatch or the like.


Note that this is a 3 servo timer and one of the 3 is reserved for controlling the electric motor. The other two can be used for all other flight functions. These servos can move the flight surfaces directly or release levers like a mechanical timer or some combination. It is up to the individual sportsman to determine what will work best for his model



“We count the seconds, the rest is up to you.”


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